“Donna is an amazing professional with years of experience in therapy and treatment of very complex cases. She is actively teaching future physicians and other healthcare providers on topics such as work-life balance, domestic violence, child abuse, end of life decisions and inter-professional relationships. Her ability to focus on sensitive matters and spend as much time as needed for the people she cares for are evident in her practice and speak volumes about her dedication to her profession and the people around her.” - Physician

“I always describe Donna as my ‘voice of reason.’ She is very matter-of-fact and gives practical advice, which is particularly helpful, when you can't seem to get out of your own thought cycle. However, she's also extremely empathetic and relatable. She encourages openness and asks great, guiding questions to ensure the conversation is productive. Since starting to visit her, I've found that I am better able to manage my anxiety in a proactive way and deal with adverse situations calmly and thoughtfully.” - Client

My therapy with Donna Schwartz has changed my life for the better in so many ways. She gently but firmly challenged me to face issues and events that I had avoided or denied for decades. Once we identified them she helped me to overcome them. Mental and emotional illness requires treatment that is thoughtful, caring, and supportive. But the therapist must also lead the patient to do the hard work that yields rewards. Donna has provided all of that to me and I am extremely grateful to her.” - Client