Couple's Counseling

Couple's Counseling

Factors of everyday life can put an abundant strain on a relationship. Severe stressors may include resentment, infidelity, intimacy issues, lack of trust, and miscommunication. When problems go unresolved, or a partner is suffering from mental illness or health complications, one can feel helpless or have feelings of guilt or shame. Couple's counseling can provide an opportunity to learn how to have a loving and supportive relationship.

Couples often seek couples or marriage counseling when the relationship is at a standstill, or if they are unsure whether or not the relationship is worth salvaging. This type of therapy can benefit families with children who have been affected by relationship issues such as divorce, and confront the source of the conflict.

Treatment techniques may include the following:

  • Analyzing Your Communication
  • Getting to the root of the problem
  • Enhancing Emotional and Physical Intimacy
  • Individual Counseling

Healthy relationships require strong connections and time to build trust. Whatever the issue may be, a counselor can work with individuals together or separate to overcome the problem. Please feel to contact Donna Schwartz to discuss your relationship concerns at 202-728-9550 or [email protected]